What The Hell Is SafeMoon Anyway?

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Dennis Layden

Dennis Layden

I am an ex-bartender turned content marketer who owns a boutique marketing agency combining creative and digital services. I also have an affinity for music, raising our families iguana, and being a dad.

You might have noticed talk on the interwebs over the last few weeks regarding “Safemoon” a purported de-fi alt-coin that’s supposed to be a safer bet to get to the moon than other alt coins like $Doge and $Algo and certainty much more affordable than $BTC which has been trading above 55k for well over a week now.

Here is a list of news articles and resources I’ve been able to comprise that shed light on Safemoon. Is it as safe of a bet as the team is making it seem? That has yet to be seen.

As always, do your DD.

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